Best Golf Glove Holder For 2023: Keep Your Gloves Handy On The Course

Keep Your Golf Gloves Secure with These Top 5 Golf Glove Holders in 2023

Are you tired of losing or misplacing your golf gloves while on the course? Or sinking an incredible 10 foot putt the hole before, only to realise your glove fell out of your back pocket onto the green while you’re on the next tee box?

A golf glove holder can help solve this problem and keep your gloves handy throughout your game. Here’s everything you need to know about golf glove holders and how to choose the right one for your needs.

For those of you looking to grab your glove holder and try it out on the course asap, I have listed these further down ordered from best to worst. And for those of you wanting to understand a little more about golf glove holders, I have written some more detail directly below the table of contents. 

Table of Contents

What is a Golf Glove Holder?

A golf glove holder is a small accessory that clips onto your golf bag or belt loop and holds your golf glove securely. These holders come in various styles and sizes, with some capable of holding more than one glove.


With a golf glove holder, you won’t have to worry about misplacing  your gloves, having them drop out of your back pocket while walking or having to search to search through your bag to find them

Types of Glove Holders

There are a few different types of golf glove holders available on the market:

      • Clip-on Holders: These attach to your golf bag or belt loop using a clip that holds your gloves in place.

      • Magnetic Holders: These use magnets to secure your gloves in place, and can be attached to any metal surface on your golf bag. 

      • Velcro Holders: These use a Velcro strap to secure your gloves in place, and can be attached to your golf bag or belt loop.

How to Choose the Right Golf Glove Holder

When selecting a golf glove holder, consider the following factors:


      • Holder Type: Determine which type of holder would work best for you based on your personal preferences and needs.

      • Material: Look for a holder made from durable materials that will withstand frequent use on the golf course

      • Size: Ensure that the holder is large enough to accommodate your gloves.

      • Capacity: If you can often carry multiple golf gloves, choose a holder with the capacity to hold all of them.

      • Ease of Use: Look for a holder that is easy to attach and remove from your golf bag or belt loop

Top 5 Best Holders For Maximum Protection in 2023 Are:

StripeBird Golf Glove Performance Glove Holder

The Stripebird Golf Performance Gloves Holder is a great option for golfers who want to keep their gloves organized and easily accessible on the course.

Similar to the popular Zero Friction Wallet, the Stripebird holder boasts a sleep and simply design that comes in black, grey, red, or green. 

Features Colors Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Velcro Patch and Bag Clip
Clip Allows you to Easily Attach to the Side of your Bag
No Dividers on the Inside of the Case
High-Quality Synthetic Material Mesh
High-Quality Mesh Keep Gloves Dry and Wrinkle Free
Interior Storage Pouch
Storage Pouch is Large Enough to Store Most Phones
Water Proof
Trusted Quality and Excellent in Wet Conditions


One of the standout features of this glove holder is its clip, which allows you to attach it to the side of your golf bag for quick and convenient access. The Velcro patch on the holder also ensures that your glove stays securely in place throughout your round. 


Made from high-quality mesh, the Stripebird glove holder not only keeps your gloves dry, but also helps to prevent wrinkles and prolong their lifespan. While it can hold up to five gloves on the inside and one on the velcro patch, Stripebird recommends only putting two or three gloves inside for optimal use.


Another handy feature of the Stripebird glove holder is its interior storage pouch, which is perfect for storing most smartphones. This added functionality ensures that you have all your essential items in one convenient location. 

Overall, the Stripebird Golf Performance Glove Holder is an excellent choice for golfers who value organization and convenience on the course.


While it doesn’t have dividers on the inside, its high-quality construction and thoughtful design make it a standout accessory over the others in this list for any golfer. 


Zero Friction Black Golf Glove Wallet

For recreational golfers looking for an affordable yet  functional and stylish way to keep their gloves organized, the Zero Friction Golf Glove Wallet is the second choice.

This wallet can hold up to six gloves, making it a great option for golfers who need to carry different types of gloves for various reasons.

Inside the Zero Friction golf glove wallet.
Features Colors Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Sheepskin Leather and Mesh
Particularly Effective at keeping Sweaty Gloves Dry
Some Reviews Have Reported Not Receiving Free Tess as Advertised.
Nylon Dividers
Nylon Dividers aid in Helping Damp Gloves maintain Their Shape
May be too Soft of a Case for Some Golfers
Storage Pouch for Tees, Markers etc.
Sleek Black Design is Understated Yet Sharp
Stylish Leather Design
Affordable Yet High Quality


Made from a combination of sheepskin leather and mesh with nylon dividers, the Zero Friction Wallet allows gloves to dry easily and maintain their shape. The wallet also features a storage pouch for tees, which comes loaded with 10, 3-inch tees upon purchase. 


According to some Amazon reviews, this wallet is particularly effective at keeping sweaty gloves dry, which is a common issue for golfers playing in hot and humid conditions. The sleek black design of the Zero Friction Wallet is understated yet sharp, with a simple logo in the corner adding a touch of style. It makes for a great affordable golf gift. 


Overall, the Zero Friction Golf Glove Wallet is an excellent choice for golfers who value both function and fashion on the course. With its durable construction, ample glove storage, and convenient tee pouch, this wallet is sure to be a valuable addition to any golfer’s bag and takes the second place behind the Stripebird Holder listed above. 

Uther Supply Golf Glove Holder 2023

For golfers who demand the best in both style and function, the Uther Supply Golf Glove Holder is the ultimate accessory. Made from high-grade AAA leather, this holder is as durable as they come, ensuring that your gloves arrive at the first tee in pristine condition. 

The only reason this comes in at the number 3rd spot, is because it is fairly pricey. However, you pay for what you get, and the Uther Glove Holder is amazing quality. 


Uther Supply Golf Glove Holder With All Colors
Features Colors Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
AAA High Grade Leather
Onyx & Sand
Leather Ensures a Long Lasting & Durable Product for Years to Come
Coming in at Around $80, it's an Expensive Holder
Increased Glove Lifespan
Ash & Tan
Storing your Gloves Zip Sealed has been Proven to Increase your Gloves Lifespan
Glove Dividers
Mulberry & Sedona
3 Dividers Allows 4 Gloves to be Stored Independently
Elevated Look & Feel
Aqua & Navy
Premium Look and Superb Quality


Inside, the Uther Supply glove holder features three dividers that can hold up to four gloves. The interior also includes a zipper storage pocket for added convenience. The moisture- resistant lining protects your gloves from deteriorating and adds to their lifespan, making this holder a wise investment for any serious golfer. 

Available in EIGHT different colours, including the traditional tan leather, the Uther Supply case is a stylish addition to any golf bag. With its luxurious leather, elevated look and durable construction, if you are after premium quality, you can’t go wrong.

It also makes a great gift for golfers who appreciate both luxury and practicality. 

Glovelast Black Golf Glove Holder Accessory

The Glovelast Glove Accessory is a highly functional product designed to preserve the perfect shape of your golf glove. Resembling a skeleton hand, it features a simple bag clip at the wrist, allowing you to easily transfer your glove form your hand to the Glovelast between rounds. 


With each use, your golf glove will look and feel like new, providing exceptional performance round after round . 

Glovelast Golf Glove Holder Accessory in Blue, White and red colors.
Features Colors Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Carabiner Clip Attached Anywhere on your Golf Bag
Black & White
Carabiner Clip Guarantees Maximum Security and Easy Access
One Size Fits all which may not suite Golfers Wearing Exceptionally large or Small Glove Sizes
Pronated Thumb and Raised Rib Design
Blue & Red
Pronated and raised Design Keeps Gloves Dry while Maintaining their Shape
For what you get it's not the Cheapest Golf Accessory on the Market
Plenty of Different Styled Designs
Crimson & Green
Multitude of Designs Allows for Customization for Every Golfer

In addition to golf, the Glovelast is also suitable for a variety of other sports as well, including baseball, softball, and receiver gloves. Available in 5 different colors, this the Glovelast costs less than comparable glove holders such as the Zero Friction, Stripebird and Uther models.


To ensure a proper fit, the Glovelast is available in right and left-handed versions, so be sure to select the model that corresponds to the hand on which you wear your golf glove, typically your non-dominant hand. The pronated and raised rib design ensures that your glove feels as good as new after every round. 


If you’re tired of spending money on new golf gloves every time you play, consider investing in a Glovelast Glove Shaper. Your wallet and your gloves will thank you for years to come!

TEN FINGER Golf Glove Holder in white color.

Coming in at the number 5 spot is the FINGER TEN Golf Glove Holder. If you’re looking for a simple golf glove holder this one is for you. 

This no-frills holder clips onto your bag and slides into your glove between rounds, allowing it to hang dry and stay in great shape

TEN FINGER Golf Glove Holder in a red color.
Features Colors Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Hollowed Plastic Centre
Holder can fit any Size and Either Hand
Doesn't look great
Simple Design
Once you get used to it, the Holder Becomes very practical and Easy to Slip on and off
Doesn't hold any other Accessories
Best bang for your Buck Holder on this List

The FINGER TEN holder is hollow in the middle and can fit any size and either hand. At just $9 for a two-pack, it’s the best value option for a golf glove holder out of the rest in this list above. While it may not be the most attractive accessory and doesn’t hold any other accessories, it can also be used for gloves for other sports. 

One of the advantages of this holder is that it can fit any size and any hand glove, making it a versatile option for those that don’t fit the Glovelast Holder above. However, some users may find it a bit awkward-looking, and it can take some practice to get the fingers into the glove properly. 

Overall, all though this wouldn’t be my go-to option, if you’re looking for a simple and affordable solution to keep your golf glove in great shape between rounds, the FINGER TEN Golf Glove Holder is an excellent choice for the price tag that comes with it. 

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

When it comes to keeping your golf gloves in great shape between rounds, a good glove holder can make all the difference. In this blog post, we’ve covered 5 of the best golf glove holders on the market ranging from premium AAA cabretta leather to cheap plastic but extremely useful designs. Each of these products offers its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. 


Be sure to consider your needs and preferences before making a decision. If you’re after quality, choose between the Stripebird, Zero Friction and Uther Supply models based on the summary tables for each product I have listed above. Choose the TEN FINGER or Glovelast Glove Accessory if you’re not willing to spend much on a glove holder, but want to get the most out of your glove by protecting its shape for years to come. 


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