The Secret to Hitting Farther & Straighter: Our 2023 Review of the Srixon Marathon Golf Balls

Experience Explosive Distance & Unbeatable Durability - Perfect for All Skill Levels!

Golf is a sport that requires precision, focus, and the right equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the golf ball, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in your game. If you’re looking for a high-quality golf ball that can provide you with an excellent combination of distance, control, and feel, the Srixon Marathon Golf Balls may be the perfect fit for you. 

For those of you who are in a rush to get out on the golf course and get these balls in the air, I have listed a summary table at the beginning of the post directly below the table of contents. And for those of you wanting to read the complete ins, outs and stats about this golf ball, I have listed all these features further down.

Designed for an incredible performance on the course and popular among golfers of all skill levels, in this article I’m going to review the Srixon Marathon Golf Balls and why I think it’s one of the best budget golf balls on the market.

Table of Contents

Overview Summary

Srixon Marathon Golf Balls

These balls are the perfect combination of power, precision, and durability. With a large core that generates high ball speeds and a soft ionomer cover that provides exceptional feel and control around the greens, this two-piece ball model is designed to take your game to the next level.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these balls are an excellent choice for golfers who value distance, accuracy, and performance. 


Srixon Marathon Golf Ball with Box 2023.
Features Colors Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Energetic Gradient Growth Compression Core
Great Distance Off The Tee
High Compression Ball. Less Distance For Swing Speeds < 95 Mph
Two-Piece Construction
Extremely Durable
More Suited To Moderate Swing Speeds & Above
Spherically-Tiled 333 Dimple Pattern
Amazing Quality and Consistency For The Price
May Not Offer Enough Short Game Spin For Some Golfers
High 98 Golf Ball Compression Rating
Soft Ionomer Cover


Analysis and Review: Srixon Marathon Golf Balls


The Srixon Marathon Golf Ball has several features that set it apart from other balls on the market;


        1. Two-Piece Construction – Designed for distance, with a large core that generates high ball speed

        2. Soft Ionomer Cover – Provides a great feel and increased control around the greens.


        3. 333 Dimple Design – Aids in reducing drag and increasing lift, resulting in a longer, more consistent ball flight.



When it comes to performance, the Srixon Marathon Golf Ball delivers on its promises. During testing, I found that the ball consistently travelled further than other balls on the market (Like Callaway Warbird and Bridgestone e6) with a similar construction and price range, without sacrificing control or feel.


This is thanks to the energetic gradient growth core and dimple pattern, which work together to reduce drag and increase lift. Additionally, the soft ionomer cover provides a great feel on impact, giving players the confidence to make precise shots around the greens.

Srixon Marathon Golf Ball construction infographic diagram


The highly resilient and durable Energetic Gradient Growth compression core is designed for maximum ball speed and distance. Additionally, the Marathon’s 333 dimple pattern creates a low-drag aerodynamic design that reduces air resistance and enhances trajectory. 


The ionomer cover also helps to reduce spin off the tee further contributing to distance. I normally carry my driver on average around 260 yards when measuring using range balls. Using an indoor simulator with a Trackman, after 20 shots my average bumped up to 269 yards. This is a noticeable improvement and I was very impressed.


For those of you with faster swing speeds, this ball will give even better results! After all, it’s crafted to be a ball for distance!

Control & Feel:

Considering the Marathon is a distance golf ball, it offers excellent feel and control out on the course. The soft, thin cover provides great feed back on shorter iron and wedge shots and makes it feel like a soft golf ball, while the energetic core mentioned above contributes to a consistent and accurate ball flight, which is impressive considering it’s a higher compression ball with an Ionomer cover. 


Although urethane covered golf balls tend to feel softer and produce more spin than Ionomer covers, they come at a hefty price. 


Srixon’s advanced ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Japan, makes sure that the process of creating their golf balls is extremely consistent with almost identical performance from ball to ball, which is essential for feel and control.


Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing a golf ball, as nobody wants to spend money on a ball that won’t last more than a few holes. Thanks to the durable ionomer cover and strong core, the Srixon Marathon Golf Ball is built to last.

During heavy testing by using a driver at 120 Mph ( 193 Kmh ) and extreme compression to generate maximum spin using wedges, I found that the ball held up well with no signs of wear or damage. The result was similar after several rounds of play, noticing first signs of flight altering wear after about 120 holes or 7 full rounds of 18. 

Greenside & Short Game Performance:

During my testing I noticed that the Marathon does produce slightly less spin on approach shots using wedges. My average numbers into the green within 130 yards using P, 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges is around 10,000 RPM. The Srixon Marathon came in slightly under at 9,678 RPM. 

Without looking at the numbers, it is hardly noticeable. It shouldn’t make a performance impact for the mid-high handicap golfer. The ionomer cover feels responsive and soft on greenside chips, and provides a perfect medium between a ping and ‘marshmallowy’ feel off the putter face.


The Srixon Marathon Golf Ball is competitively priced, making it an excellent value for golfers of all skill levels. While it may not be the cheapest ball on the market, it offers excellent performance and durability for the price. For 15 balls in a box, these balls come in at around $23.00 making it $1.53 per ball. For the quality, distance and technology packed into the Marathon, I think it’s well worth it.


If you’re looking for balls in the same price range with similar quality, checkout our best golf balls for beginners guide. There’s some great options in that list that rival the Srixon Marathon.

What is the Srixon Marathon Designed For?

With a 98 compression rating and strong ionomer cover, the Srixon Marathon is engineered for distance and durability while maintaining an impressive degree of a ‘soft’ feel. 

Do Softer or Harder Golf Balls go Further?

The video below is an example of how swing speed can effect the compression of a golf ball. 

Generally, softer golf balls are known for providing better feel and control, while harder golf balls are associated with distance. However, the reality is abit more nuanced (Subtle).


Players with slower swing speeds of < 95 Mph generally will gain more distance using softer golfers balls with lower compression (30-90 compression rating). Whereas, higher swing speed players > 95 Mph, will benefit more from high compression (90 and above).


High compression golf balls are typically harder, meaning when struck hard or fast, they tend to travel further. Likewise, Low compression balls are softer, meaning slower swings speed can compress them more when struck, resulting in a larger ‘rebounding’ effect for more distance. This golf ball compression chart has compiled the most popular golf balls and ranked them according to their compression ratings for ease of viewing. 

Are Srixon Golf Balls Good?

PGA tour pros Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry, Keegan Bradley, J.b. Holmes and many more all choose Srixon as their go to golf ball brand. To the answer the question, yes, Srixon golf balls are very good, with many types of balls to suite players of all skill levels.


Srixon is a well-respected golf ball manufacturer that has been producing high-quality golf balls since their first release of the XXIO golf balls and clubs in the year 2000.They are well known by the golf community and made popular through their excellent performance, durability, and feel. With the most popular premium golf ball being the  Srixon Z Star, Srixon Z Star XV and Q-Star lines. 


Many golfers have praised Srixon golf balls for their consistency, spin control and distance over the years. Through my personal experience using the Srixon Q-Star Tour consistently over many years, I agree with this praise in saying that Srixon golf balls are excellent quality.

Final Thoughts on the Srixon Marathon Golf Ball

The Srixon Marathon Golf Balls are an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for a ball that can help them improve their game. These balls offer maximum distance, control, and feel, making them suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

The soft, yet durable cover, advanced gradient core technology, and aerodynamic design all contribute to the overall performance of these balls. 

Popular Marathon Golf Ball Review: FAQs

Q: Are the Srixon Marathon balls suitable for all skill levels?

A: Yes, they are suitable for golfers of all skill levels. More advanced golfers may want to seek a 3/4/5-piece construction golf ball instead.

Q: What is the compression rating of the Srixon Marathon golf balls?

A: The compression rating of the ball is 98

Q: Are the Srixon Marathon golf balls better suited for medium-high handicap golfers?

A: Yes, the balls are more suited to medium-high handicap golfers, as they provide an excellent combination of distance and control for an amazing price.

Q: Do the Srixon Marathon Golf Balls come in different colors?

A: Yes, they used to come in white and yellow. But yellow is very hard to find in the year 2023. White is currently the main color for these golf balls.

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